X-Wing: Propeller-Based Force Feedback to Head in a Virtual Environment


we present X-Wing, a force feedback device using ducted fans attached to a Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Display (HMD). Applying haptic technologies to VR has become a standard solution to enhance the immersive experience. It is also essential for virtual interactions where user experience and performance are crucial. This research focuses on a head-based, wearable device that provide forces to the VR user using exertion force by electric thrusters with controllable strengths and directions. Our system allows the user to experience forces based on their virtual momentum and velocity. It enables a VR user to receive force feedback based on different thrust power converted into translational and rotational force for a unique VR experience such as virtual aerial simulation.


Koki Watanabe

Fumihiko Nakamura

Kuniharu Sakurada

Theophilus Teo

Maki Sugimoto


Koki Watanabe, Fumihiko Nakamura, Kuniharu Sakurada, Theophilus Teo, Maki Sugimoto, X-Wing: Propeller-Based Force Feedback to Head in a Virtual Environment, SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 XR (SA ’21), To be appeared.


This project was supported by JST ERATO Grant Number JPMJER1701.