Tennis VR



In sports performance analysis, it is important to understand the differences between experts and novices in order to train novices in an efficient manner. To understand these differences within the game of tennis, we developed a virtual environment to analyze the responses of experts and novices to services. By capturing actual service motions of an expert, it is possible to reproduce virtualized services in the environment. We did experiments on types and courses of services. As a result, we found differences between experts and novices in preparation, leg movement, take-back returns, and degree of spine twist.
We did another experiment that we present 2 kinds of services, one is the usual service and the other is special service. In special service, the kind of the toss-up and trajectory after hitting do not correspond. As a result of this experiment, we found that there might be a difference in the predictive ability of the kind of spins.


Kei Saito,
Katsutoshi Masai,
Yuta Sugiura,
Toshitaka Kimura,
Maki Sugimoto