Laproscope AR

Laparoscope AR


Laparoscopic surgeries are part of what is called Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS). A small incision is made on the patient through which a laparoscope (basically a camera) and various other surgery tools are inserted for the surgeon to perform the surgery. Contrary to the more common procedure which is open surgeries, MIS have a lot of advantages for the patient like shorter recovery time and lower risks of infection. However, for the surgeon, this kind of surgery is very difficult to perform because of the restricted field of view of the camera. Knowing that we are developing a novel way to help surgeons during laparoscopic surgeries to navigate inside the body of the patient using augmented reality so that they can correlate what they see with the patient’s previous scans, see annotations made beforehand to prepare their surgery, highlight vital anatomical structures and track the position of the laparoscope to give the location of the camera.


Bich-Anh Han