Interactive Media Lab at Keio University focuses on interactive systems which consider spatial relationship between users and devices in the real environment by using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.


Call for students

If you have research interest for Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Augmented Human and Interactive Systems, your are welcome to our lab. You can learn how to design novel human interfaces with aspects of Computer Science, Image Processing and Physical Computing technologies.
To be a lab member, please apply for School of Science for Open and Environmental Systems, Keio Unviersity. Before your applying, please contact us to find better matching between our interests.

Background of lab members

Interactive Media Lab is open for international students.
There are students/alumni from:

    École supérieure d’électricité in France
    École Centrale Group in France
    Universite Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium
    Washington University in U.S.
    University of Hawaii at Mano in U.S.
    National University of Singapore

Applicants for a double degree program and Ph.D. course are welcome.


For international students, we suggest you to apply for MEXT scholarship. Applying for the scholarship, you would submit an application for Japanese embassy in your country before coming Japan. Please check more details in International Center of Keio.